6 arrested for slaughtering cows at Mayawati UP leader farm

BIJNORE, UTTAR PRADESH: Six people were arrested for allegedly slaughtering a cow, while seven others were able to escape during an early-night raid on a farm owned by Bahujan Samaj (BSP) Party leader Ruchi Veer.
According to Lakshmi Police Superintendent Nivas Misra, “The farm is owned by Ruchi Veera and her family and falls under Begawal’s assumption. Police were patrolling the area on Thursday when they received a report that some people were slaughtering a cow on the farm. Police entered the farm along with an informant, who indicated that the site was on the other side of the sugarcane field. “
Misra said, “When police arrived about 400 yards inside the farm, they found about 12-13 people slaughtering a cow. Six people were arrested in connection with this, while seven others escaped.”
“Two cents of meat were taken from a location in Jhakari Bangar village in the city police station area. An FIR was registered against 13 people. Police are investigating the role of BSP leader in this case. Ruchi Veera is a former Samajwadi (SP) MLA party.”
Ruchi Veera left the SP and joined the BSP before the Lok Sabha elections. She got out of the post in Aonli, but lost the poll.
Her husband and former chairman of the panchayat district committee, Udayan Veera, said, “We have nothing to do with slaughtering cows. It is true that we have our own farms here in Jhakari Bangar. We have replaced a keeper here. He has the key to farming land. measures against people who engage in cow slaughter. It is the duty of the police to stop the infamous activities wherever they take place. “
A case has been registered against the accused identified as Shaku, Zahid, Osaaf, Zubair, Gufraan, Naemuddin and Naanu of Jhakari Bangar and Shakeel, Naveel, Tashlim, Raes, Faem and Abraar of Kaziwala village, in the area of ??Bijnore city police station.
Shaku, Zahid, Osaaf, Zubair, Naanu and Tashlim were arrested.

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