5T initiative and Mo-Sarkar are prime mover in good governance : Odisha Governor

Bhubaneswa: Odisha Governor Prof Ganeshi Lal today highlighted the achievements of the state government under the 5T initiative and Mo-Sarkar in good governance.
“My Government has adopted the 5T Framework and Mo-Sarkar in its endeavors for transformative governance,” Prof Lal said. “My State has performed phenomenally well in several sectors, be it rural housing, putting lakhs of ST and SC students in our educational institutions, the vibrant Mission Shakti movement transforming our socio-economic landscape, our flagship health initiatives, our own Food Security Scheme for every deserving family or our sporting and tourist infrastructures or carrying out administrative reforms or public financial management reforms, ”said the Governor in his address to the Assembly.
The Government will continue to prioritize delivery of essential services, creation of livelihood opportunities and development of key and basic infrastructure including connectivity, provision of safe drinking water, power supply, supporting agriculture with irrigation and other facilities and taking health care and education to the next. level, he told the Assembly. Listing out the series of reforms in public financial management which are based on global best practices, Prof Lal said, “They are intended to enhance fiscal sustainability and improve budget performance by strengthening medium-term fiscal planning and improving budget transparency. These reforms include the introduction of a Medium-Term Fiscal Framework (MIFF) with a three-year outlook on State Finances. Introduction to the strategic budget-making process, bringing out monthly and quarterly fiscal analysis reports, disclosure of budget documents and advance communication of a realistic budget ceiling to all Departments for formulation and prioritization of their Budget proposals within the ceiling communicated. ”
Stating that the Government has been able to plow back about Rs 2,800 crore through mopping up of Government money parked in bank accounts. One Time Settlement (OTS) schemes have been introduced for the realization of arrear revenue in respect of major tax and non-tax items of the State’s resources. My Government has been able to collect its revenue amounting to t 38,760 crore by the end of January, 2021 which is about 7.3% more than the collection during the corresponding period of the previous year.
"Despite the severe impact of COVID-19 on revenue, the state has been able to achieve positive growth in its own revenue which is an indication of recovery in economic activities in the state," Prof Lal said.

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