4 lakh people affected, 3 killed in Assam flood

Guwahati: The situation in Assam that has been affected by floods has become shameful, as over 17 light-headed people are affected in 17 of the 27 districts, according to media reports.
The state administration for disaster management in Assam (ASDMA) said three people were killed in Golghat, Dhemaj and Kamrup Metropolitan on Wednesday in the case of rain and floods.
People living in Dhemaj and Lakhimpur in Upper Assam and Bongaigon and Barpets in lower Assam are hard hit, reports write.
Officials say 749 villages across the country have been flooded and nearly 17,000 hectares of land underground have been sunk.
The NDRF, along with state agencies, conducted rescue operations, and more than 1,800 people were rescued and resettled in 53 relief camps.
Reports say ferry services across Assam were stopped after the Weather Forecast Office predicted more rains this weekend. Flood waters have also entered the Kaziranga National Park in Upper Assam, forcing animals to take shelter in safe locations.

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