300 special telephone booths to be set up at J_K beyond Eid

New Delhi / Srinagar: Three hundred special telephone booths will be set up in Jammu and Kashmir to help local people communicate before Eid.
The J_K civil administration said on Sunday that special telephone booths were being set up to help establish public communication with relatives. Communication darkness in Jammu and Kashmir continued for the seventh consecutive day on Sunday.
The government has sufficient stocking of essential commodities in view of the curfew imposed in the area.
A statement from the civil administration stated: “Wheat for 65 days, rice for 55 days, mutton for 17 days, poultry for 1 month, kerosene for 35 days, LPG for 1 month, Stocked for high-speed diesel. HSD) and petrol for 28 days ”.
The statement said that the delivery of vegetables and other essential items has been ensured through mobile vans.

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