3 for torturing a family for suspicion of return

Nabarangpur: Police arrested three people in connection with an incident in which a family in the village of Nuaguda in Nabarangpur district was tortured on suspicion of practicing witchcraft.
The suspects were identified as Ghenu Jani, Pada Jani and Purusati Jani.
According to sources, some cattle were found dead in the village Nuaguda under Baghasiuni panchayat a few days ago. After that, the villagers claimed that after that incident were Banamali Jen and his family.
Later, villagers forced Banamali and his family to wash their hands with hot water mixed with cow bale.
In this incident, Banamali, his wife and daughter suffered critical injuries on their hands.
After that, they filed a complaint with the local police on this. Taking into account the complaint, the police arrested three people in connection with the incident.

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