200 canceled flights after heavy rains in Mumbai

Mumbai: Two hundred flights were canceled and the main runway closed at the airport due to a steady rain in the city on Wednesday.
The city of Mumbai won the highest rainfall since July 1974 on Tuesday.
However, local rail services have continued. According to reports, several other flights have been redirected to a nearby location.
The runway was closed after midnight on Tuesday after SpiceJet flying over the runway as it fell amid heavy rains.
Secondary runway, although still in operation, closing the main runway seriously affected air traffic. Most flights are canceled, late and redirected due to inconvenience.
Media reports state that some of the flights are being routed to Ahmedabad and Goa airports.
Authorities said passengers are advised to check the flight status in Mumbai due to cancellation and delays due to rain. In the meantime, the railways on the Western Railway were functioning normally on Wednesday. On the other hand, the trains on the central railway were driving on a weekly schedule.

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