10 Congress Legislators from Goa Formally Join BJP, Other Allies Jittery

New Delhi : The day after being transferred to the BJP, a group of 10 deputies from the rebel congress from Goa officially joined the party at its headquarters in the capital in the presence of its working president JP Nadde on Thursday.
Earlier, Chief Minister Goa Pramod Sawant and two lawmakers met in Parliament with BJP President and Foreign Minister Amit Shah.
Ten lawmakers, led by opposition leader Chandrakant Kavlekar, joined the ruling BJP, raising their power to 27 in the 40-member home.
Speaking to reporters, Mr. Sawant, who arrived in the capital on Wednesday with defeated Congressmen legislators, said the declaration of rejection of each minister from the coalition partners in Goa would be taken over by senior party leaders and that the announcement would be made after his arrival in the country .
Mr Sawant also said that the Congress legislators themselves expressed their readiness to join the BJP.
The Congress, which emerged as the largest party after the survey of the 2017 Assembly in the coastal state, has now been reduced to five legislators.
The lawmakers who joined the BJP together with Mr. The caulkers are Atanasio Monserrate, Jennifer Monserrate, Francis Silveira, Philip Nery Rodrigues, Cleaofacio Dias, Wilfred D’Sa, Nilkant Halarnkar, Isidor Fernandes and Antonio Fernandes.
The state government under the leadership of the BJP is currently enjoying the support of three Goa Forward party legislators and three independent. In addition, there are five legislators in the Congress and one NCP and Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party in the House.
After the survey of 2017, a convened Assembly came in, with the Congress that won 17 seats and the BJP 13.
The move is expected to have repercussions on the current composition of the BJP coalition government in Goa, with the fresh introduction of congressional lawmakers who already form a coalition partner with Goa Forward’s partner.
Head Goa forward and Deputy Prime Minister Vijay Sardesai, who delighted Mr. Sawant as the chief minister, on Thursday emotionally raised the supreme and state leadership of the BJP, praying that the coalition had gathered in 2017 under the leadership of then-Prime Minister Manohar Parikar.
“Some people gathered to form this government, and the central figure (Parikar) is no longer alive.” He knew the government was formed. “Some people, including the BJP’s national leadership, were also there,” he said. Support has not even “moved even centimeters” during political turmoil in Goa earlier this year, which followed when Manohar Parikar was linked to cancer.
Mr. Sardesai and his two other legislators, all of whom are ministers, are removed from the cabinet. While the three forces of Goa Forward were decisive for the survival of the coalition in the past, a fresh infusion of congressional MLAs into the BJP makes their support irrelevant.
Sources of the BJP also said that Finance Minister and Independent Legislator Rohan Kant may also be omitted from the Cabinet along with Culture and Arts Minister Govind Gaude, in order for some congressional insurgents to join the ministry.
“The final decision will be made by Amit Shah, after discussing this with the chief minister and state president of the BJP,” one source said.
Congress has in the meantime sent its secretary in charge of Goa A Chellakumar to consider the situation. Mr Chellakumar, who met with the other five lawmakers and state officials of the Congress, said the party would file a petition for exemption against 10 legislators.
Over the past two years, 15 legislators, including 13 Congress, joined the BJP.
However, the adoption of 10 legislators on Wednesday provoked outrage at the part of the BJP, especially senior leaders such as former President and President Rajendra Arlekar. “Most of the party workers are deeply hurt and we will fight against this wrong trend within the party,” Arlekar told reporters.

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