10.6 hundred ganja were confiscated in Malkangiri, four of them were held

Malkangiri: The excise department officials confiscated approximately 10.6 centimeters of ganja in two locations in Malkangiri district today and arrested four smugglers.
According to reports, the excise duty tracking dogs first intercepted a car and confiscated 60 kg of cannabis in the vehicle. The police also arrested three people involved in the transport of smuggled goods.
Later, excise tracking beacons once again made a reliable contribution to smuggling a huge Ganja cache in a truck. As a result of the submissions, the police have intercepted the excise duty truck near Padmagiri Chhak and found that Ganja weighs about 10 centimeters and is loaded into the vehicle.
Although the staff of Excise could arrest the truck driver, the helper managed to escape from the spot. Thus, the bulls confiscated today about 10.6 centimeters Ganja.
Upon request, District Tax Officer Ashok Seth said, “The Padmagiri area is a safe haven for Ganja smugglers. A massive manhunt is underway to capture the mastermind behind the Ganja smuggler, who is on the run after confiscation.
However, the police officer did not reveal the identity of the bat club.

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